Cora – Change the world with Organic tampons

I’m always looking out for ways I can make a difference in the world, but it never feels like I do enough. The big thing I try to keep in mind is that every little bit helps.

Recently I found a little way to make a really big difference. Have you heard about Cora tampons?

Now I know what  you’re thinking. I thought the same thing too.  I’d love to help but I’m super picky about my brand, I got a routine I’m finally OK with.

And really, how much difference can buying tampons make?

Well for starters, for every month’s supply of Cora you purchase, they help provide a month’s supply of pads and health education to a girl in need. This is a HUGE deal. You can read all about it on Cora’s website but I’ll fill you in on some key points below.

300 Million women and girls use rags, plastic, sand and ash to manage their periods. Let that sink in. SAND AND ASH.


70% of Indian girls and Women can’t afford menstrual supplies. 1/4 girls in India drop out of school as soon as she reaches puberty. Those that try to stay in school end up having to skip school during their menstrual cycle, thus getting behind their classmates and causing more girls to drop out later.

So that’s pretty terrible right? Just switching brands can help these girls stay in school and have effective and SANITARY solutions every month.

Even of these weren’t charitable I’d still want them. The packaging is so different men will just ignore it and think you’re going to apply some lipstick from Sephora. Ok a lot of dudes don’t know what Sephora is but look at it! I know it’s just a tampon, but that packaging looks like a million bucks. A coach purse for your coochie.


For those that don’t know what I meant by Lipstick and Sephora. It’s a high end make up store, I wasn’t referencing porn.

The way Cora provides these menstrual supplies is EVEN BETTER. Copied straight from their site:tmp

Molly, one of the co-founders of Cora writes:

While travelling throughout developing countries, I saw how menstruation negatively affects girls and women who are poor. Unable to afford menstrual products, they resort to using old rags, newspaper, animal dung and tree bark—even pieces of old mattress—all of which can cause infections and reproductive health problems, not to mention humiliating leaks.

Later, when I learned that many feminine products sold in the U.S. contain substances that are potentially harmful to our health, like synthetics and pesticides linked to endocrine disruption, cancer, and other devastating illnesses, I became afraid for my own health and the well-being of my sisters, friends and the women I love.

So I can get a super classy, discrete tampon that doesn’t have harsh chemicals and helps underprivileged women? I’m sold.

Are you ready to at least try these organic tampons? It’s easier then you think.

Directly from their website, you can start a free trial for just $3 shipping. Not bad. They will then enroll you in the automatic month to month delivery at normal price, but you can cancel anytime. Never have to worry about forgetting to pick up a box!

If you’re hesitant about an automatic online subscription, but want still want to give it a try you still have options! Target carries these tampons too. About $7 a box (and $300 worth of other stuff you don’t need because it’s Target, duh!) go pick up a box today!

A third option for lazy people who don’t like automatic subscriptions like me – Amazon. No monthly subscription, you don’t have to go out in public. Click on the link below to add them to your cart, but then make sure to go to to do the actual check out, that way you can donate to TWO good causes at once. Look at you saving the planet!

Cora Variety Pack – Organic Cotton Tampons with Applicator (36 Count; 18 Regular & 18 Super)


The F-Word

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, you have feelings when you hear the word feminist. It’s such a divisive word, and it’s easy to see why (I assume this isn’t your first internet adventure). I thought long and hard about using this word, I know it will alienate countless people. The problem is, it’s really the best word to use for what I am and what I hope to accomplish. It’s specific, and it promotes gender equality from the bottom up.

We all deserve to live life in a way where it shouldn’t matter what sex you are. While men do face discrimination and setbacks because of their gender, women still have it a bit worse. The rights and protections women have secured are constantly under attack, and it’s even worse in other places around the world.

I’m not here to tell you what a real feminist is or isn’t, but I am sick and tired of people on both sides doing their best to ruin the name. Instead of retiring it and moving on, I’m going to do my best to showcase my version of feminism. I want to find products and charities that make a difference in the lives of women around the world. I want to shine a light on politicians and political policy that impacts women and religious freedoms. I want to laugh and share memes and poke fun at all sides. I’d love to hear from men and the issues they’ve faced and what they’d like from women allies. I’d like to do all of this without using the terms “Mansplain”, “Privlige” or “Not all men”.  This country is too divided, I’d like to find some common ground and move forward.

Now let’s lighten the mood with some satire from The Onion