The F-Word

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, you have feelings when you hear the word feminist. It’s such a divisive word, and it’s easy to see why (I assume this isn’t your first internet adventure). I thought long and hard about using this word, I know it will alienate countless people. The problem is, it’s really the best word to use for what I am and what I hope to accomplish. It’s specific, and it promotes gender equality from the bottom up.

We all deserve to live life in a way where it shouldn’t matter what sex you are. While men do face discrimination and setbacks because of their gender, women still have it a bit worse. The rights and protections women have secured are constantly under attack, and it’s even worse in other places around the world.

I’m not here to tell you what a real feminist is or isn’t, but I am sick and tired of people on both sides doing their best to ruin the name. Instead of retiring it and moving on, I’m going to do my best to showcase my version of feminism. I want to find products and charities that make a difference in the lives of women around the world. I want to shine a light on politicians and political policy that impacts women and religious freedoms. I want to laugh and share memes and poke fun at all sides. I’d love to hear from men and the issues they’ve faced and what they’d like from women allies. I’d like to do all of this without using the terms “Mansplain”, “Privlige” or “Not all men”.  This country is too divided, I’d like to find some common ground and move forward.

Now let’s lighten the mood with some satire from The Onion


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